Destination Wedding Bootcamp: México Romántico

Cancun had the honor to be the host of the Destination Wedding Bootcamp by México Romántico a specialized training program for travel agents and wedding planners that want to learn all about Mexico’s number one wedding destination.

Photo: Jaime Gonzalez

Photo: Jaime Gonzalez

The bootcamp took place from dec. 6-9 and was hosted by Live Aqua, a modern and luxurious resort by Grupo Posadas.

With specialized sessions for wedding planners and travel agents, the speakers featured celebrity event planners like Harmony Walton -founder of The Bridal Bar, Bridal Bar Radio and Jet Fete-, Branding and Marketing  expert for the Romance Industry, Jeff Hendlin -VP of Bridal Guide-, and award winning top travel agent, Jennifer Doncsecz, -owner of VIP Travel Vacations Inc.- to name a few personalities.


Both agents and planners got a chance to experience the destination and live through all of the advantages Mexico has to offer for the wedding industry. The Live Aqua resort showed why it is an amazing experience for destination weddings, featuring an elegant infinity pool, a large ballroom foyer and top quality restaurants and SPA.

A very unique venue for the wedding ceremony is the pool itself, offering a water cermony; the concept and the look of supreme elegance and minimalism propose a very interesting option for a market seeking creativity and originality.

Live Aqua Cancun

Live Aqua Cancun

Today’s world demands that we stay on top of the game with creativity, authenticity and conectivity, couples from the Millenial Generation already know there is a variety of destinations to choose from, but when it comes to planning their wedding,  it is up to the travel and wedding professionals to become trustworthy advisors and to provide couples with accurate and truthful information as to what they can expect form their wedding choices.

As a part of that generation myself, I understand what we value and why we believe it is important to always stay connected, always get involved with others, always share your life’s sotires and make your own life an inspiring journey!

Thank you very much to Mexico Wed as the organizer of this bootcamp, for bringing this important event to Cancun and Riviera Maya every year. As professionals in the wedding industry, we  share the commitment to work harder with the intention to make this destination number one in the world.

by: Kristina Guerrero




Warm winter weddings in the beaches of Mexico


Winter is coming and we are happy because of the fresh breeze we recieve while we still have our lovely sun to warm us up!

Some facts about getting married in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum during the winter:

1. Sun sets at 5 pm local time so make sure to plan your times accordingly

2. Average temperature during the day is about 20-23 ºC and normally it’s breezy.

3. Night time can get cooler so if you are having the reception outdoors advice your guests to bring a light sweater or a pashmina.

All year round is a great time to celebrate your wedding in the mexican caribbean, so our most importanta advice is:

Get out and enjoy the warm winter!!


Cancun Bridal Show 2013

Each year hotels and wedding planners along with vendors get together for their annual bridal show.

This year we had the privilege to collaborate with Grupo Intermar and design their stand for the event.

Our inspiration was brought by the victorian era and the vintage old hollywood feel.

We designed a victorian  booth with a vintage feel inspired by the biggest trends of the year.

stand intermar copia

Some of the finest vendors in cancun got together, colleagues that we have the pleasure to work with and recommend.

One of our favorite booths was the display for Giraud Catering, a delightful dessert table offering artistically displayed sweets and hors d’oeuvres. Congratulations to Aline 😀

giraud copia copia

It was our pleasure to create new business alliances and to show couples in Cancun, the great options they have access to when they decide to get married in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

From Collin Cowie wedding collections at Palace Resorts, to a Rock and Roll wedding in Hard Rock or a stunning mexican wedding in Xcaret.

DSC09729 copiaCancun and the Mayan Riviera represent the top destination for weddings in Mexico and we thank the Bridal Club for their work at organizing this event.

DSC09766 copia

DSC09769 copia

DSC09774 copia


The night ended with a catwalk from local bridal designers and the presentation of two bands that gave a wonderful and amusing performance for everyone.

There were gifts and sweepstakes that included free wedding services and free hotel nights for couples.

Special thanks to our host, Fiesta Americana Coral Beach for allowing us to give the Bridal Show Cancun 2013 a remarkable touch of elegance and sophistication.

You can view a full list of participants at

DSC09817 copia

News: ABC workshop in Cancun

This week we had the honour of recieving a guest lecturer from The Association of Bridal Consultants in Latin America (ABC) to host an important workshop and keep professional wedding planners updated and in constant growth.

Dagyi Rivera González is an ABC Wedding Planner Professional (R) and a successful business woman, keeping her own wedding planning agency, as well as several books that have turned her into a celebrated author and a very important lecturer in the wedding industry.

She is the owner of ¡WOW que boda! wedding planners and her blog has been awarded several prizes including Zankyou International Wedding Award 2012.

She has participated as a lecturer in several international congresses and she is a very active and respected member of ABC Latin America.


Through the workshop, we had the opportunity to learn from her experience in the field and get a different perspective on beach weddings and city weddings that will help us enrich our service towards our clients that come from cities to have a destination wedding in the beach.


Special thanks to our Coordinator in Quintana Roo, Helena Rincón for making this possible and to Wedding Manager @Holiday Inn Isis Gallegos for hosting the workshop.

Very special thanks to all the Holiday Inn staff who were wonderful hosts.


By: Kristina Guerrero

Wedding Planning 101

So, you have just recieved “the Ring” and everything is perfect and exciting, but now you have to start planning the biggest day of your life and it might seem like you have a hard task ahead of you.

To help you out, the staff of Wedding Concierge Magazine, has put together a series of articles to help you get started.

Within a universe of information out there, we have researched and selected the most useful resources for future brides, family and friends willing to help.

Wether or not you have experience in planning parties or weddings you will find a guideline to help you make the most of your time and resources while you give freedom to your creativity.

We hope you enjoy it ❤

First things first

The first step we reccomend before you start to plan your wedding is to of course research, but in order to make the best out of it you might want to think about a few key aspects.

We recommend you start a binder or a notebook you can carry around with you at all times, where you can write down ideas, websites, questions, phone numbers of contacts, recipes or anything else you’ll need. Plus that will be a nice memory to keep after the wedding 😀

Once you have that down, it’s time to go through the first list.

We have set 7 general categories to keep everything organized, the things you will have to research about will be around the following topics:

1.The date

2. The venue

3. Outfits and jewelry

4. Ceremony

5. Reception

6. Media

7. Budget


1. The Date

Choosing the date is number one on the list because it will have an influence in many aspects of your wedding, first of all it will define the weather, the time of the year that will help you choose an indoor or outdoor venue or destination, from there you will choose everything else.

If you are having the wedding in your hometown, the date could be more flexible and you can research and plan a lot of it by yourself, however if you are planning on a wedding destination it is important to research the weather conditions in the place throughout the year and also the season if it’s a touristic destination, this has to do with availabitity and budget.

If you are planning to have an outdoor ceremony and reception make sure sure you don’t choose a rain period, -although nobody can control weather-, you can have more probabilities of rain depending on the season.

Make an estimate of your budget, and do some research around prices for services, and transportation. Plane tickets and hotel rates vary throughout the year, so if you have a specific budget this will be an important factor for setting the date.

After you have set the date, you have to start a schedule to work on because now you will have set a specific time to meet your goal…may the preparations begin!

2. The Venue

You have a wide set of options when it comes to the venue, it might be the garden of your family house, an important restaurant in the family tradition, a hotel, the beach or even a castle.

The most important thing when researching about it is to choose the location that is more meaningful to you, remember to keep things simple and to enjoy the process.

If you are hiring the venue look for reviews, and if possible meet with the manager.

If you are choosing a destination for your wedding, look at hotel packages, they normally have special rates for honeymooners and wedding parties, plus they give you the best rooms available and many gifts, also you have the entire staff to take care of you.

3. Outfits and Jewelry

From the bridal gown to bridesmaids, groom and wedding party, you have millions of options, depending on your style, just keep in mind that if you are doing an outdoor ceremony and reception you might need to carry two pairs of shoes however if it’s in the beach you may not even need them.

As for the jewelry there are many options too, if you are doing a destination you may take a day to go shopping for accesories in the place of the wedding,  keep all of it together with the rings you will give to each other.

4. Ceremony

For the ceremony you can have a civil ceremony or a religious one, maybe both, or none, it’s completely up to you, what you want to simbolize is the union.

If you are having a theme in your wedding such as a traditional fairy tale, middle age  seting you can add many elements to the ceremony to portrait that theme.

5. Reception

This might be the most detailed part, here is where you’ll begin to think about dinner, atmosphere, cake, color scheme, seating and music.

Always look for a couple of options when it comes to vendors and look for reviews so that you get an idea of what to expect and don’t get overwhelmed, there are millions of ideas out there, go with your intuition, if there’s something you like and feel comfortable with choose it.

6. Media

Photography and Video are a must.  Today’s techonology allows vendors to offer you an excellent quality job. There are many professionals out there providing services, getting the best pictures and video as you can is really important, there are vendors offering video services that can even broadcast the wedding live so that your relatives or friends that couldn’t make it can be a part of it too.

Look at portfolio and reviews, and get creative and involved, again if you feel a good connection with the vendor go for it, it will make you feel more comfortable during the sessions, if possible meet with them before the wedding, interact so that you feel more relaxed during the shooting and filming.

7. Budget

Last but not least, the budget, even if it’s not something you are worried about, somebody around you will be XD, and if you are planning the wedding this is a very important part to help you make the best choices.

You can hire a wedding planner that will sort everything out for you, or you can take care of it with your fiancée.

Here is where lists come in handy and help too, get your family and friends and delegate tasks to look for budgets from vendors when it comes to decorations, flowers, music, cake and staging in general.

Venue, Media and Dining is better to do yourself but you can get them researching reccomendations and reviews.

This is a brief way to get you started, we will go through the 7 categories one by one in future posts, giving you the tools to make your wedding exceed your expectations.

It is possible at every level!

Happy Wedding Planning!!

Brides of June

We are now in the middle of June, a peak for wedding season and there’s a lot to do this year.

June is a popular month to get married in, mainly because of the nice weather and availiability for people to travel but this tradition goes way back.

The month -June-  is named after the roman goddess Juno, she was the goddess of women, particularly married women. Serving as a guardian to women she oversaw all aspects of a woman’s life, childbirth, and marriage being the primary areas of concern.

In roman belief getting married in June would consequently bring good fortune and would be a symbol of the perfect season to concieve a child.

It also has to do with nature, because there is a wide variety of flowers during this time of the year.

by: Kristina Guerrero