Indy & Frank’s wedding

September was a busy month for weddings in Cancun, between the Bridal Show and the local wedding season, we were very glad to have a full workload for a couple of months.

I am very happy to share a few images and tips form Indy and Frank’s wedding.

entrada indy2

This lovely couple met and found love at first sight, ever since they started dating they have been together building a wonderful and playful family. They were legally married 10 years ago with many odds to face.

Now that their son is part of their lives, they decided to celebrate the holy matrimony in the Catholic Tradition bringing their union to a new sense of love, blessing and prosperity.

hermano indy

It was a very intimate wedding full of people that know their story and that truly share their love and appreciation for the couple.

The color palette featured chocolate, coral and Ivory, the bride’s bouquet was made of carnations i different tones of pink and coral and ornamented with crystals.

ramo claveles copiaThe reception was held at a private Beach Club in Cancun and in spite of a very heavy rain, the wedding celebration went on full of life, fun and love.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of a video telling the story of the couple as told by their closest friends and family.

They also shared a funny Harlem Shake dance with their bridal party surprising everyone in the middle of their first dance.

Congratulations for Indy and Frank, and thank you for letting us be a part of this celebration and for sharing with us this new stage in your lives!



Private Beach House Wedding Playa del Secreto


This beautiful wedding was celebrated in a private home in Playa del Secreto, near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In a wonderful day of preparations, the bride and bridal party enjoyed their brunch while getting their hair and make up done beautifully in the room we had set up for them.

Meanwhile the Rabbi baked the bread that the couple would share at their wedding table and with all of their guests.

Later on, the groom and the rest of the bridal party arrived for preparations.

With three floors and the entire property at their disposal, the wedding started with a cocktail serving hors d’ouvres and drinks in the terrace overlooking the ocean and was then followed by a beautiful ceremony in the beach, and an abundant family style dinner.



ceremonia 2







Pictures: Kristina Guerrero Organic Weddings// Venue: Playa del Secreto// Wedding Coordinator: Ultimate Mexico Weddings// Catering: Festiv Catering// Video: Cancun Wedding Video.

Laura & Naveed

Words are a creation for the intangible.

LOVE is a word that tries to express an intangible feeling that shows our true nature and purpose in life.

To love one another, to spread and share that love beyond words and concepts, just like Laura and Naveed do.

Laura and Nveed held a beautiful wedding celebration  with the white sand beaches of the mexican caribbean as a host in the Now Jade hotel in the mexican Mayan Riviera.

Besides the wonderful setting and the great natural surroundings, what made Laura and Naveed’s wedding stand out was their energy. Such a vibrant, pure and kind energy spread by both of them.

You could see it in their eyes, in their smiles, in the way they held their loved ones, the way the stealed kisses when nobody was watching, but most importantly you could feel it. You could feel the honest love and care that each of their guests had for them, in a ceremony that was really shared and had a bit of everyone’s heart in it.

Dancing for love

 One of the distinctive qualities in Laura and Naveed’s life is dancing, through their rythm, movements, smile and joy they express the art of love in a whole new dimension, one that was shared by family and friends.

The way they expressed their art during the wedding made a perfect way to talk about the important things in life without the need for words.

A couple meant to be

 The sweet charm of Laura, her eyes express so much, they say it all, her eyes minutes before walking down the isle shined brighter than any constellation.

And she was meant to meet Naveed, a kind hearted man, a man that will look after her and her heart, his smile seeing her walk towards him, he was the luckiest man alive.

There is no doubt that they will have a great life together, because they help each other be better, they share their true self with each other and that is a rare and precious gift


We wish them that they always find the light in the moments of stress or despair, that they always remain each other’s best friend and that they always go back to that sacred moment in their lifes when they vowed to become better human beings by loving each other.

by: Kristina Guerrero