Creating the atmosphere

The day of your wedding is the day you get to tell your story, it is about the people you love, the persons that grew up with you and made you grow, the ones that are gone and the ones that remain, the hands that have helped you, taught you and dried your tears.

It’s about sharing yourself with your best men, the guys that have joked with you, learned with you, encouraged you and carried you when you were tired, it’s about your mother learning that you are a man and you are able to take care of another person now.

With all the emotion and depth into it, you want to set the tone and create the atmosphere that best reflects your feelings.

Staging, colors, flowers and decorations help but what really sets the atmosphere is the content and the details, even if you are not a very expressive person, don’t be afraid to include an intimate element into the wedding.

Elements such as a video documenting your story together, or writting your own vows, a special drink for the toast, the music selection and even preparing a special dance with your hunsband/wife or bridesmaids.

Even with a simple detail you can create an unforgettable moment 😀