EVOKE: The new 2017 collection by Canteiro you don’t want to miss


Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

The presentation of EVOKE, allowed the top destination planners, vendors and venues to come together and enjoy a little taste of what the future holds for 2017 in terms of wedding design. Comprised by 5 collections, Evoke is the perfect name for this compilation, each collection is based on a key element or emotion and all of the ingredients that conform the design are perfectly assembled to deliver that emotion.

The live preview of EVOKE was presented at the splendid Banyan Tree Mayakoba resort last August 24th, 2016.


Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

Canteiro Weddings is the dedicated branch for Weddings from Planner1 Events.With more than 9 years of event design expertise, and a vast portfolio, the founder of this company, Gabi Lavor, has proven that passion, innovation, hard work and commitment are key elements to create a high quality product.


Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

The company has grown exponentially in the past years and counts the best resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya amongst their clients, that is why the design team from Canteiro Weddings decided to put together an event that would create a precedent for the industry in the destination.


Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings


From a delicate and sophisticated ultra romantic gazebo in the middle of the jungle to a completely modern and cutting edge minimalistic ceremony by the beach, Canteiro Weddings is proving once again that these event design professionals in Riviera Maya are on top of the game with the biggest wedding trends for 2017.

Watch the wonderful video that will leave you awed:

Evoke Video


Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

The event itself was so well planned and executed that expectations were of course exceeded, one wow moment after the other, the best team of vendors presented the art, technology and design that will lead the trends for weddings in 2017.


Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

Thank you to all the professional team at Canteiro Weddings for bringing the inspiration into our everyday lives and occupations.

Upcoming posts in our blog will explore each collection into depth.

Until then,

Happy Wedding Planning

– Kristina



Set the tone with a welcome drink


Photo Credit: Kristina G.

If anything says welcome in a warm Caribbean beach wedding is a beautiful looking welcome drink to set up the tone for the evening.

Pamper your guests after the ceremony with an original signature drink that is fresh and appealing, make it unique by using your wedding colors in combination with fruits and local ingredients.


Photo Credit: Food Art Inc

Give it a twist by serving it in a different type of glass that would add up to the wedding concept, this way you will set the tone for a unique event that your guests will remember by, the little details can make a big difference.

Ask your Catering manager to work with you and come up with original ideas for flavours, colors and presentation, then give your drink the attention by adding little highlights to the décor.

Here are some tips to consider whilst creating your signature drink:


-Think about making it soft enough for all your guests to refresh, hard drinks are more soothing when paired with dinner or later in the evening

-Get inspired ny your wedding colors and theme to incorporate a personal element that your guests will identify as unique, for instance if you love a vintage style and are creating a vintage atmosphere serve a drink that will evoke that time period

-Work with what you have on location, if you are having a destination wedding in a Caribbean beach think of exotic fruits, flavors and tropical plants for décor

-Think about your favorite drink and adapt it for your wedding, if everyone knows you love beer, ask your venue or wedding planner to serve a special beer with personalized bottle tags

-Get an original flavour from the place, don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting that is still elegant and friendly

Happy Wedding Planning!

-Kristina G.



4 Formas de incrementar tu salud hasta el día de tu boda

Es muy importante encontrar el tiempo para cuidar de tí misma aún con la planeación de la boda y todas las tareas que tienes que controlar en el trabajo, familia y por supuesto con tu pareja.

c29 copia

Fotografía: Rosa Clara

Fotografía: Rosa Clara

4 formas de incrementar tu salud hasta el día de tu boda:

1. Duerme lo suficiente.- Está científicamente comprobado que la salud está directamente relacionada con las horas de sueño efectivo y descanso que le des, esto es sano no solamente para tu cuerpo sino para tu mente, sabemos que estás muy emocionada y tienes demasiadas ideas que compartir con todos acerca de tu boda pero también es sano aprender a soltar las cosas y relajarte.

2. Come suficientes alimentos sanos e hidrátate.- No dejes que las prisas te orillen a comer comida rápida o snacks no saludables, recuerda que la verdadera energía se obtiene de la comida saludable y sobre todo no dejes de hidratarte en todo momento.

3. Encuentra una actividad que te relaje.- Hazte al propósito de encontrar una actividad que ames y de dedicarle tiempo, esto es esencial para mantenerte centrada y no perder tu equilibrio. Recuerda que tu paz mental y emocional son clave para todas las etapas de tu vida.

4. Date el tiempo de recibir energía del sol y de la naturaleza.- no olvides que así como las plantas y los animales nosotros también necesitamos el contacto con la naturaleza y el sol con nuestra piel para mantenernos sanos y felices!

Boda en la Playa

Tener una boda en la playa es el sueño de muchas parejas y aunque puede parecer una opción limitada a ciertos presupuestos, el secreto está en consultar con especialistas para encontrar al equipo adecuado y hacer la boda una realidad.

Existen varias opciones en las playas de Cancún y la Riviera Maya para diferentes presupuestos y gustos desde casas privadas hasta restaurantes o salones que se pueden adaptar perfectamente al concepto de la boda.

Tenemos varias locaciones ideales para una boda perfecta en la playa y paquetes que incluyen cenas gourmet y decoración para la ceremonia.



Para solicitar cotizaciones o reuniones de orientación: kperiodismo@gmail.com

Happy Wedding Planning!