Vanessa and Michael a wedding that blends New York and Puerto Rico with mexican spice

The Cover of the wedding video, courtesy of  Oscar Video, Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, Mexico, 2012

Standing outside a door, you cannot know what you will find inside.

You look into the hallway and glance at the hotel that surrounds you hoping to catch a sparkle of the turqouise ocean in your eyes. You turn your head back again, you lean forward, you knock on the door.

As it opens, you feel a rush of light and warmth come trhough and pull you in, you are not sure of what it is but you can certainly feel that the room is full of energy, art and love.

As you are getting over that feeling, the door slowly slams behind you and then… you see her:

As you glance at the woman inside, you can’t help but realize she’s one of the most glamourous girls you’ve seen.

The Bride, taking care of the last details in the mirror while waiting for the moment she’s been longing for. Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico, 2012

Her name is Vanessa and her wedding was a unique blend of languages, flavors, laughters, movement, hugs and kisses, tears and relationships. It was outstanding from the location, the music, the colors, the details, the atmosphere and of course the guests!

Vanessa is the kind of girl that lights up the room wherever she goes and her family combined with her husband’s family  are total fun, but most importantly they are loving, caring and amazing people.

Before the Ceremony

The bridesmaids’ shoes in the middle of the room waiting for their big moment, Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico, 2012

As a bride everybody is there to take care of you, yet Vanessa was there to take care of her own, she shared a moment in her room with her mother in law; Vanessa gave her a flower to wear on her wrist and it had a small picture of a family member -her mother in law’s family- that meant a lot to her. That kind of detail just showed a different woman, a woman whose heart is true and who will make an excellent mother of her own one day, they looked at each other with mutual admiration and love trying to contain the tears to save the integrity of their make up.

A hanger that lingers on top of the bride’s bed that spells “Mrs. Rojas”, while she is being photographed, and filmed. Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico, 2012

Outside, guests started to gather around and take their seats while keeping the groom company as he stood in the altar.

A wedding guest making her way towards her seat before the ceremony begins, Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo. Mexico, 2012

The sound of “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars marked the entrance of the bride, and the beginning of a new life for her and Michael.


Vanessa making her entrance, excited and emotional in the arm of her father, Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico, 2012

In her family, they communicate without the need of words, you could read their smiles, hugs, and stares. The way her father looked into her eyes, spoke of pride and the bitterwseet joy of being the father of such a beautiful girl.

The Couple and the maids of honor during the ceremony, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012
Bridesmaids looking at each other unable to contain their tears, Playa del Carmen, Mx. 2012
A guest reading the letter Vanessa’s sister wrote and that would be read later in the evening, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

Once the ceremony was over, Mr. and Mrs. Rojas danced through the aisle to their first moments as a married couple. After an exchange of hugs and congratulations, Vanessa and Michael, as husband and wife enjoyed the music, the beat, the fun and the joy that surrounded them. With a mexican trio as a dressing for the mexican gourmet appetizers, the wedding started off as a total delight.

The Trio playing mexican songs, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

While everybody enjoyed the food and drink, husband and wife walked down the beach to get some alone time, here some behind the scenes footage of their photo and video session.

Vanessa’s shoes under the sun while the couple gathers with the professional videographer and photographer, Playa del Carmen, Mx. 2o12
Michael, helping her wife down towards the beach to continue the photo and video session, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012
The couple walking in the white sand beach while the sun sets down and the wind makes Vanessa’s dress float, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

During this wedding, it was Michael’s dad who became the second main photographer, he was snapping moments out of everybody and couldn’t get away from the camera.

Michael’s dad with his camera hanging on one side, looking at the couple, and one of his best men, Playa del Carmen, Mx. 2012

Michael and Vanessa really reflected the spirit of both their families, they were very in love and comitted to each other and very in love with life as well!

A still from the wedding video while Vanessa plays with the location, courtesy of Oscar Video, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012
Aileen one of the beautiful bridesmaids of Vanessa, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

After a great photo session, the coupled entered a beautifully decorated room to enjoy their reception, where purple tones prevailed on the tables, the souvenirs and the cake. Their chromatic choices were purple and white, purple is the deepest color of the sclae, it’s a very meaninful color because it represents spirituality, the ability to go deep within.

Small Tequila Bottles tagged with Vanessa and Michael’s wedding, made the perfect gift for their guests to remember, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

With an amazing buffet dinner, they enjoyed the company of family and friends, the great music and dancing which ranged from salsa and bachata to ballads and club music.

This was a very enjoyable wedding, it combined the color and the flavor of being latin with the glamour and style you can only find in New York.

The couple about to kiss while the sun sets down, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012
Vanessa and Michaels’s wedding left an impression in everyone around them, the union of their lifes brought together their families and will bring further joy in the years to come.

by: Kristina Guerrero

Pictures: Kristina Guerrero and stills courtesy of Oscar Video