A true taste of Mexico: Festiv Catering


Cancun is an outstanding destination not only for vacation but also for conventions & congresses, with a wide variety of services ranging from accomodation to organization and  interpreters, it’s easy to see why in recent years it has gained a leading position as a congress and company oriented destination.

But holding a congress wether it would be the annual training for the corporation or a seminar, is not an easy task.

You need to set up a team with the pros to make your event smooth and to have highly qualified people that will take care of everything.

Our personal recommendation is to take a look at Festiv Catering.

This company is based in Cancun, and has shown to carry out outsanding performances that focus on the particular needs of your event.

From the first contact you know you are dealing with professinals, they carry out site inspections for the venues and locations, establish a personal contact and do a great follow up on your needs, but what really makes them different and worthwhile is they are fair and responsible throughout the whole event, from the planning until the last detail and their prices are very feasible for all budgets.


From the colors, to the set up, the smells, the outstanding venue, the service and the atmosphere, Festiv Catering offers his guests a true experience of what Mexico is all about.

The first surprise begins with what greets your senses, as you come down from the car you can hear mariachi music already playing upon arrival, you open up your eyes and look at the immense beauty of Hacienda la Esperanza in front of you, as you start to walk in, there’s a mixture of awe and excitement, you are immediately drawn into another world where a crew of waiters are smiling and offering you refreshing cocktails, margaritas, cold mexican world class beer, water and every sort of beverage to lighten your journey.


With every step you take you discover a new element, the suculent combination of violin, trumpet, bass, guitar and voices that vibrate with such colorful melodies attract you, then you look at their bright outfits and it’s impossible to let the opportunity of a picture with maricahis pass you by. Their great attitude and wonderful music make the perfect greeting and set the tone for what promises to be a memorable evening.

The open spaces around you, the big colonial building full of life and color, the caribbean landscape, the whole experience makes you feel as though you have entered a place where the heart of Mexico lives and beats with sofistication.

As you get to the welcome lounge and keep looking around at the venue, the nice modern setting invites you to chill out and relax, you get comfortable and the first canapés start to arrive: Mini beef skewers marinated with rosemary oil and fresh garlic, pearls of golden cheese marinated with roasted peanut mounted on a sesame seed bun, stuffed mushrooms with a fennel flavored shrimp mousse, Chimichangas filled with meat and Oaxaca Cheese with a touch of the local herb “hierba santa” amongst other mexican high class delicacies.

As the evening moves on, so does the kitchen managed by Executive Chef Alejandro Ortiz, the attention to detail, extreme care and conciousness in the preparation and presentation of the courses, shows when everyone is enjoying a unique world class dinner.

To start off, Chef Ortiz allows you to indulge with a roasted poblano chile cream flavored with basil oil served with crispy garlic bread, and panela cheese, he then refreshes you and sets the tone for the main course with a hearts of palm salad and roasted colored peppers served on a bed of lettuce leaves garnished with a strawberry vinaigrette made out of fresh strawberries from central Mexico and a touch of balsamic thyme.

For the main course, the Festiv Catering team surprises everyone with an artistically designed dish, the sinchrony of the waiters deploys a line of well presented main courses featuring chicken breast stuffed with fresh pumpkin flowers, Oaxaca cheese and prosciutto, served on a bed of vegetables from the garden to the campirana sauteed with butter and oregano in campiran fashion, laying besides parmesan snow potato and decorated with a fried bannana strip and rosemary.

To crown the amazing culinary experience Chef Ortiz sends his team to serve their guests with a mango and passion fruit mousse served in an almond tulip basket (custom crafted/ baked) covered in a sauce of fresh raspberries and mint leaves.

It’s an understatement to say that guests were absolutely pleased with the menu and that they congratulated the chef and the team for such a creative job.

After dinner, the dance floor was heating up and ready to entretain all of the guests with the best grooves, a little bit of samba and latin rythms that led up to the latest club huts of the moment, and all the time guests were well attended and taken care of.

As the evening passed and everyone enjoyed themselves, the time came for guests to get back to their hotels and rest.

Overall it was a high class quality event, the service, the coordination and logistics, menu, music and ambientation, the set up, the venue, everything worked out perfectly.

The team that Festiv Catering puts together under the direction of Arnoldo Moran and Alejandro Ortiz offers a final product that sets istelf apart from any other catering and event services available in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

Festiv Catering equals professionalism, creativity, responsibility and above all a concious company. They buy from local producers to help them develop and give back into their communities, they enhance the value of the traditional mexican and mayan elements of the area blending them with sophisticated new culinary tendencies, they provide the best service and attitude before, during and after the event. They prove their expertise in their field and adapt to your specific needs.

That’s why this company has quickly earned the esteem of its clients and guests, to whon they have proven again and again, why it is they are the top company to hire.

by: Kristina Guerrero

for more on Festiv Catering visit: www.festivcatering.com or find them on Facebook

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