4 Formas de incrementar tu salud hasta el día de tu boda

Es muy importante encontrar el tiempo para cuidar de tí misma aún con la planeación de la boda y todas las tareas que tienes que controlar en el trabajo, familia y por supuesto con tu pareja.

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Fotografía: Rosa Clara
Fotografía: Rosa Clara

4 formas de incrementar tu salud hasta el día de tu boda:

1. Duerme lo suficiente.- Está científicamente comprobado que la salud está directamente relacionada con las horas de sueño efectivo y descanso que le des, esto es sano no solamente para tu cuerpo sino para tu mente, sabemos que estás muy emocionada y tienes demasiadas ideas que compartir con todos acerca de tu boda pero también es sano aprender a soltar las cosas y relajarte.

2. Come suficientes alimentos sanos e hidrátate.- No dejes que las prisas te orillen a comer comida rápida o snacks no saludables, recuerda que la verdadera energía se obtiene de la comida saludable y sobre todo no dejes de hidratarte en todo momento.

3. Encuentra una actividad que te relaje.- Hazte al propósito de encontrar una actividad que ames y de dedicarle tiempo, esto es esencial para mantenerte centrada y no perder tu equilibrio. Recuerda que tu paz mental y emocional son clave para todas las etapas de tu vida.

4. Date el tiempo de recibir energía del sol y de la naturaleza.- no olvides que así como las plantas y los animales nosotros también necesitamos el contacto con la naturaleza y el sol con nuestra piel para mantenernos sanos y felices!


Your wedding under the sun


Having a Destination Wedding under the sun is a wonderful option for most couples, the pristine beaches of the Caribbean offer a luxurious and indulging experience for all the guests and the couple can have their wedding and honeymoon at the same time 😀

There are many things to plan for a wedding under the sun, and with all things happening around the wedding day, there is often one thing that concerns all of your guests and wedding party alike and is often overlooked.

Taking care of your skin!

As exciting as it is to take a week long trip to a beautiful sunny beach, skin care is probably the one thing that should be on top of the list. There’s more to it than just buying sunscreen and pouring it all over, taking care of your skin is a very important process specially for brides and bridal party (looking like a burned lobster in wedding pictures is not that great). Here are some skin care advice from a specialist, a sun care advisor from sun care central.

Quick facts you should learn before you expose yourself to the sun:


1. Being in a completely different climate has effects in all of your body, although you might not notice it you need to make sure you hydrate yourself all of the time (specially if you’ll be drinking a lot of alcohol, and if you’re on holiday for a wedding chances are…you will).

2. Applying sunscreen must be a very thorough process, not just rubbing it in and getting in the pool 2 minutes later, the less time you give the skin to absorb the sunblock, the more chances it won’t work at all. This means your skin will be very affected by the sun.

3. Keep your skin protected, direct exposure to the intense sunlight will get you burned in 20 minutes even in a cloudy day, so make sure you reapply sunblock frequently throughout the day but the most important thing is to get a skin reconditioning lotion that has aloe vera as the main ingredient. Aloe Vera will turn pink skin into brown allowing you to tan the next day

4. Manage your time in the sun, tanning is a process that develops gradually, limit your time in the sun to 2 hrs a day. Avoid being in direct exposure to sunlight during the peak hours 11-3 aprox depending on your location, the sun is at it’s highest point and it will reflect the rays in the sand and the water increasing your risk of getting burned. Plus the more your skin is exposed or burned the drier it gets and the more it’s prone to get hurt.

5. Too much sun is a real health risk, so take your time to protect the biggest and most sensitive organ in your body: your skin.

The difference between tanning and burning.

woman tan

There are ways in which you can maximize your tan and minimize your burn son that you can look spectacular at the wedding and pain free.

The key to do it is to get the proper sun care protection. Many commercial lotions are made based on chemicals and heavy waxes which can cause aggravation on blisters and peeling or simply not be adequate for your skin type.

The most effective way to do it is to get a natural biodegradable filter and a proper aloe after sun lotion. A natural filter will allow you to get a base tan without burning which will increase your body’s natural sun protection while the aloe lotion will help keep your skin moisturized and repaired after the daily exposure.

Inquire more about proper skin care measures and a guest blogger from sun care central will help you out.

Happy Wedding Planning!