EVOKE: The new 2017 collection by Canteiro you don’t want to miss

Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

The presentation of EVOKE, allowed the top destination planners, vendors and venues to come together and enjoy a little taste of what the future holds for 2017 in terms of wedding design. Comprised by 5 collections, Evoke is the perfect name for this compilation, each collection is based on a key element or emotion and all of the ingredients that conform the design are perfectly assembled to deliver that emotion.

The live preview of EVOKE was presented at the splendid Banyan Tree Mayakoba resort last August 24th, 2016.

Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

Canteiro Weddings is the dedicated branch for Weddings from Planner1 Events.With more than 9 years of event design expertise, and a vast portfolio, the founder of this company, Gabi Lavor, has proven that passion, innovation, hard work and commitment are key elements to create a high quality product.

Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

The company has grown exponentially in the past years and counts the best resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya amongst their clients, that is why the design team from Canteiro Weddings decided to put together an event that would create a precedent for the industry in the destination.

Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings


From a delicate and sophisticated ultra romantic gazebo in the middle of the jungle to a completely modern and cutting edge minimalistic ceremony by the beach, Canteiro Weddings is proving once again that these event design professionals in Riviera Maya are on top of the game with the biggest wedding trends for 2017.

Watch the wonderful video that will leave you awed:

Evoke Video

Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

The event itself was so well planned and executed that expectations were of course exceeded, one wow moment after the other, the best team of vendors presented the art, technology and design that will lead the trends for weddings in 2017.

Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography, Canteiro Weddings

Thank you to all the professional team at Canteiro Weddings for bringing the inspiration into our everyday lives and occupations.

Upcoming posts in our blog will explore each collection into depth.

Until then,

Happy Wedding Planning

– Kristina




Set the tone with a welcome drink

Photo Credit: Kristina G.

If anything says welcome in a warm Caribbean beach wedding is a beautiful looking welcome drink to set up the tone for the evening.

Pamper your guests after the ceremony with an original signature drink that is fresh and appealing, make it unique by using your wedding colors in combination with fruits and local ingredients.

Photo Credit: Food Art Inc

Give it a twist by serving it in a different type of glass that would add up to the wedding concept, this way you will set the tone for a unique event that your guests will remember by, the little details can make a big difference.

Ask your Catering manager to work with you and come up with original ideas for flavours, colors and presentation, then give your drink the attention by adding little highlights to the décor.

Here are some tips to consider whilst creating your signature drink:


-Think about making it soft enough for all your guests to refresh, hard drinks are more soothing when paired with dinner or later in the evening

-Get inspired ny your wedding colors and theme to incorporate a personal element that your guests will identify as unique, for instance if you love a vintage style and are creating a vintage atmosphere serve a drink that will evoke that time period

-Work with what you have on location, if you are having a destination wedding in a Caribbean beach think of exotic fruits, flavors and tropical plants for décor

-Think about your favorite drink and adapt it for your wedding, if everyone knows you love beer, ask your venue or wedding planner to serve a special beer with personalized bottle tags

-Get an original flavour from the place, don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting that is still elegant and friendly

Happy Wedding Planning!

-Kristina G.



Warm winter weddings in the beaches of Mexico


Winter is coming and we are happy because of the fresh breeze we recieve while we still have our lovely sun to warm us up!

Some facts about getting married in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum during the winter:

1. Sun sets at 5 pm local time so make sure to plan your times accordingly

2. Average temperature during the day is about 20-23 ºC and normally it’s breezy.

3. Night time can get cooler so if you are having the reception outdoors advice your guests to bring a light sweater or a pashmina.

All year round is a great time to celebrate your wedding in the mexican caribbean, so our most importanta advice is:

Get out and enjoy the warm winter!!


Cancun Bridal Show 2013

Each year hotels and wedding planners along with vendors get together for their annual bridal show.

This year we had the privilege to collaborate with Grupo Intermar and design their stand for the event.

Our inspiration was brought by the victorian era and the vintage old hollywood feel.

We designed a victorian  booth with a vintage feel inspired by the biggest trends of the year.

stand intermar copia

Some of the finest vendors in cancun got together, colleagues that we have the pleasure to work with and recommend.

One of our favorite booths was the display for Giraud Catering, a delightful dessert table offering artistically displayed sweets and hors d’oeuvres. Congratulations to Aline 😀

giraud copia copia

It was our pleasure to create new business alliances and to show couples in Cancun, the great options they have access to when they decide to get married in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

From Collin Cowie wedding collections at Palace Resorts, to a Rock and Roll wedding in Hard Rock or a stunning mexican wedding in Xcaret.

DSC09729 copiaCancun and the Mayan Riviera represent the top destination for weddings in Mexico and we thank the Bridal Club for their work at organizing this event.

DSC09766 copia

DSC09769 copia

DSC09774 copia


The night ended with a catwalk from local bridal designers and the presentation of two bands that gave a wonderful and amusing performance for everyone.

There were gifts and sweepstakes that included free wedding services and free hotel nights for couples.

Special thanks to our host, Fiesta Americana Coral Beach for allowing us to give the Bridal Show Cancun 2013 a remarkable touch of elegance and sophistication.

You can view a full list of participants at http://www.bridalshowcancun.com

DSC09817 copia

Your wedding under the sun


Having a Destination Wedding under the sun is a wonderful option for most couples, the pristine beaches of the Caribbean offer a luxurious and indulging experience for all the guests and the couple can have their wedding and honeymoon at the same time 😀

There are many things to plan for a wedding under the sun, and with all things happening around the wedding day, there is often one thing that concerns all of your guests and wedding party alike and is often overlooked.

Taking care of your skin!

As exciting as it is to take a week long trip to a beautiful sunny beach, skin care is probably the one thing that should be on top of the list. There’s more to it than just buying sunscreen and pouring it all over, taking care of your skin is a very important process specially for brides and bridal party (looking like a burned lobster in wedding pictures is not that great). Here are some skin care advice from a specialist, a sun care advisor from sun care central.

Quick facts you should learn before you expose yourself to the sun:


1. Being in a completely different climate has effects in all of your body, although you might not notice it you need to make sure you hydrate yourself all of the time (specially if you’ll be drinking a lot of alcohol, and if you’re on holiday for a wedding chances are…you will).

2. Applying sunscreen must be a very thorough process, not just rubbing it in and getting in the pool 2 minutes later, the less time you give the skin to absorb the sunblock, the more chances it won’t work at all. This means your skin will be very affected by the sun.

3. Keep your skin protected, direct exposure to the intense sunlight will get you burned in 20 minutes even in a cloudy day, so make sure you reapply sunblock frequently throughout the day but the most important thing is to get a skin reconditioning lotion that has aloe vera as the main ingredient. Aloe Vera will turn pink skin into brown allowing you to tan the next day

4. Manage your time in the sun, tanning is a process that develops gradually, limit your time in the sun to 2 hrs a day. Avoid being in direct exposure to sunlight during the peak hours 11-3 aprox depending on your location, the sun is at it’s highest point and it will reflect the rays in the sand and the water increasing your risk of getting burned. Plus the more your skin is exposed or burned the drier it gets and the more it’s prone to get hurt.

5. Too much sun is a real health risk, so take your time to protect the biggest and most sensitive organ in your body: your skin.

The difference between tanning and burning.

woman tan

There are ways in which you can maximize your tan and minimize your burn son that you can look spectacular at the wedding and pain free.

The key to do it is to get the proper sun care protection. Many commercial lotions are made based on chemicals and heavy waxes which can cause aggravation on blisters and peeling or simply not be adequate for your skin type.

The most effective way to do it is to get a natural biodegradable filter and a proper aloe after sun lotion. A natural filter will allow you to get a base tan without burning which will increase your body’s natural sun protection while the aloe lotion will help keep your skin moisturized and repaired after the daily exposure.

Inquire more about proper skin care measures and a guest blogger from sun care central will help you out.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Private Beach House Wedding Playa del Secreto


This beautiful wedding was celebrated in a private home in Playa del Secreto, near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In a wonderful day of preparations, the bride and bridal party enjoyed their brunch while getting their hair and make up done beautifully in the room we had set up for them.

Meanwhile the Rabbi baked the bread that the couple would share at their wedding table and with all of their guests.

Later on, the groom and the rest of the bridal party arrived for preparations.

With three floors and the entire property at their disposal, the wedding started with a cocktail serving hors d’ouvres and drinks in the terrace overlooking the ocean and was then followed by a beautiful ceremony in the beach, and an abundant family style dinner.



ceremonia 2







Pictures: Kristina Guerrero Organic Weddings// Venue: Playa del Secreto// Wedding Coordinator: Ultimate Mexico Weddings// Catering: Festiv Catering// Video: Cancun Wedding Video.



Cancún es un destino destacado no sólo por ser un lugar ideal para vacacionar sino también por ser un destino de convenciones y congresos, tomando en cuenta que la ciudad ofrece una amplia gama de servicios que van desde el hospedaje hasta la organización e interpretación simultánea para el evento, es fácil entender por qué en los últimos años Cancún se ha ganado un puesto privilegiado en el desarrollo de convenciones y congresos a nivel internacional.

Sin embargo para llevar a cabo un evento, es necesaria una gran labor de coordinación y puede no resultar una tarea fácil.

Es crucial contar con un equipo de profesionales que se encarguen de que todo el evento se desenvuelva a la perfección y que se encarguen prestar atención a cada detalle.

Para lograrlo, nuestra recomendación es dar un vistazo a Festiv Catering.

Ésta compañía ubicada en Cancún ha demostrado que es capaz de llevar a cabo eventos de la más alta calidad que se enfocan en las necesidades específicas de cada momento, más que un servicio, ellos brindan una experiencia completa y causan una gran satisfacción a sus invitados.

Desde el primer contacto, sabes que estás tratando con profesionales, hacen visitas de inspección para las locaciones, establecen una relación de persona a persona, escuchan tus necesidades y dan seguimiento específico a lo que requieres pero lo que hace que se distingan del resto y que valga la pena contratar sus servicios es su actitud responsable, adaptable y comprometida, antes, durante y después del evento y por supuesto que sus precios son adaptables a todos los presupuestos.


Desde los colores y la disposición del lugar, los olores, la increíble locación y la atmósfera, Festiv Catering ofrece a sus invitados una experiencia auténtica para conocer a México y de lo que México se trata.

La primera sorpresa inicia envolviendo todos tus sentidos, a medida que bajas del auto se puede escuchar la música de mariachi en espera de recibirte, abres los ojos y observas la inmensa belleza de la Hacienda la Esperanza postrada frente a ti, comienzas a caminar siguiendo la música con una mezcla de emoción y expectativa, de inmediato  te encuentras inmerso en un mundo en el que las sonrisas y la amabilidad te reciben, un grupo de meseros te ofrece deliciosas bebidas, cocteles, margaritas, cerveza mexicana de clase mundial, agua y todo tipo de bebidas para refrescarte y aligerar el viaje.

Con cada paso que das descubres un nuevo elemento en la Hacienda, campos abiertos, una alberca iluminada por la luz de las velas, fuentes, salas para descansar, esculturas y obras de arte alrededor de todos los patios y jardines,  la bella arquitectura colonial mexicana y la suculenta combinación de violín, trompeta, bajo, guitarra y voces que vibran con las más coloridas melodías te atraen, los trajes brillantes y la gran expresión de México que simboliza el mariachi, hace imposible dejar pasar la oportunidad de una fotografía con ellos. Su gran actitud y maravillosa música hacen de la experiencia la bienvenida perfecta que marca la pauta para lo que promete ser una noche memorable.

Los espacios abiertos alrededor, el gran edificio colonial lleno de vida y color, el paisaje caribeño; toda una experiencia que te hace sentir como si hubieras entrado en un lugar donde el corazón de México vive y palpita.

Al llegar a la sala de bienvenida, la mirada permanece cautiva con tanto que admirar alrededor,  el entorno moderno y agradable invita a descansar y relajarse, una vez instalados, los primeros canapés comienzan a llegar: Mini brochetas de res marinadas con aceite de romero y ajo fresco, perla  de  quesos marinados con maní dorado  montado sobre un pan  de ajonjolí, champiñones rellenos con un mousse de  camarones con aroma de hinojo, chimichangas rellenas de carne y queso Oaxaca con hojas tiernas de hoja santa, empanadas de queso Oaxaca con hojas de epazote, entre otros manjares de la alta cocina mexicana.

A medida que la noche avanza, también lo hace la cocina dirigida por el Chef Ejecutivo Alejandro Ortiz, la atención al detalle, el gran cuidado y conciencia en la preparación y presentación de los platillos, rinde frutos al momento de la cena, en la que todos los asistentes disfrutan de una cena única de clase mundial.

Para iniciar, el chef Ortiz le permite a sus invitados disfrutar de una crema de chile poblano rostizado con aroma de aceite de albahaca servida con crocante de pan con ajo c y queso panela de rancho, para continuar, refresca el paladar con una ensalada de palmitos y pimientos de colores rostizados servidos sobre una cama de hojas de lechugas aderezada con vinagreta de fresas frescas de Guanajuato y un toque de balsámica al tomillo.

Para el plato fuerte, el equipo de Festiv Catering sorprende a todos sus asistentes con un platillo diseñado artísticamente, la sincronía de los meseros despliega una línea de platos fuertes elegantemente presentados, consistentes de pechuga de pollo rellena con flores frescas de calabaza, queso Oaxaca y jamón serrano servida sobre una cama de verduras de la huerta a la campirana salteadas a la mantequilla de orégano y papa nieve con queso parmesano y decorada con una franja de plátano cristalizada y romero.

Para coronar la impresionante experiencia culinaria, el Chef Ortiz manda a su equipo para que le sirvan a los invitados un mousse de mango y maracuyá servido en una canasta de tulipán almendrado y salsa de zarzamoras frescas con hojas de menta.

Con todo lo anterior, resulta poco decir que los invitados estaban encantados con la cena ofrecida y que ofrecieron sus felicitaciones al Chef y al equipo por un trabajo creativo y de calidad que no es común obtener en eventos.

Después de la cena, la pista de baile se encontraba lista para amenizar la noche y entretener a los invitados con una variada selección musical, desde un poco de samba hasta los éxitos de la escena de clubes más actuales y en todo momento los invitados recibieron un gran servicio y atención a sus necesidades.

A medida que avanzaba la noche, después de una agradable velada, los invitados regresaron a sus hoteles a descansar.

En general fue un evento de gran clase, el servicio, la coordinación y logística, el menú, la música y ambientación, el mobiliario, la locación, todo funcionó a la perfección.

El equipo que Festiv Catering reúne bajo la dirección de Arnoldo Morán y Alejandro Ortiz, ofrece un producto final que se distingue de cualquier otro en el mercado de servicios de  catering y eventos disponible en Cancún y la Riviera Maya.

Festiv Catering es sinónimo de profesionalismo, creatividad, responsabilidad y conciencia social en una compañía. Desde la selección y origen de su materia prima, ellos dan la oportunidad a productores locales y artesanales de llevar un beneficio a su comunidad al comprar sus ingredientes y realzan la identidad de la gastronomía mexicana al incorporar elementos regionales con innovadoras y modernas tendencias culinarias. Ellos proveen el mejor servicio y actitud antes, durante y después del evento, en todo momento demuestran su dominio del área y su experiencia mientras que se adaptan a las necesidades específicas de sus clientes.

Es por ello que se han ganado un lugar privilegiado entre sus clientes e invitados a quienes han demostrado una y otra vez, por qué son la mejor opción en su ramo.

por: Kristina Guerrero

Más sobre Festiv Catering en www.festivcatering.com, encuéntralos en Facebook 

Más fotos sobre la locación de Festiv para el evento, el auténtico sabor de México

A true taste of Mexico: Festiv Catering


Cancun is an outstanding destination not only for vacation but also for conventions & congresses, with a wide variety of services ranging from accomodation to organization and  interpreters, it’s easy to see why in recent years it has gained a leading position as a congress and company oriented destination.

But holding a congress wether it would be the annual training for the corporation or a seminar, is not an easy task.

You need to set up a team with the pros to make your event smooth and to have highly qualified people that will take care of everything.

Our personal recommendation is to take a look at Festiv Catering.

This company is based in Cancun, and has shown to carry out outsanding performances that focus on the particular needs of your event.

From the first contact you know you are dealing with professinals, they carry out site inspections for the venues and locations, establish a personal contact and do a great follow up on your needs, but what really makes them different and worthwhile is they are fair and responsible throughout the whole event, from the planning until the last detail and their prices are very feasible for all budgets.


From the colors, to the set up, the smells, the outstanding venue, the service and the atmosphere, Festiv Catering offers his guests a true experience of what Mexico is all about.

The first surprise begins with what greets your senses, as you come down from the car you can hear mariachi music already playing upon arrival, you open up your eyes and look at the immense beauty of Hacienda la Esperanza in front of you, as you start to walk in, there’s a mixture of awe and excitement, you are immediately drawn into another world where a crew of waiters are smiling and offering you refreshing cocktails, margaritas, cold mexican world class beer, water and every sort of beverage to lighten your journey.


With every step you take you discover a new element, the suculent combination of violin, trumpet, bass, guitar and voices that vibrate with such colorful melodies attract you, then you look at their bright outfits and it’s impossible to let the opportunity of a picture with maricahis pass you by. Their great attitude and wonderful music make the perfect greeting and set the tone for what promises to be a memorable evening.

The open spaces around you, the big colonial building full of life and color, the caribbean landscape, the whole experience makes you feel as though you have entered a place where the heart of Mexico lives and beats with sofistication.

As you get to the welcome lounge and keep looking around at the venue, the nice modern setting invites you to chill out and relax, you get comfortable and the first canapés start to arrive: Mini beef skewers marinated with rosemary oil and fresh garlic, pearls of golden cheese marinated with roasted peanut mounted on a sesame seed bun, stuffed mushrooms with a fennel flavored shrimp mousse, Chimichangas filled with meat and Oaxaca Cheese with a touch of the local herb “hierba santa” amongst other mexican high class delicacies.

As the evening moves on, so does the kitchen managed by Executive Chef Alejandro Ortiz, the attention to detail, extreme care and conciousness in the preparation and presentation of the courses, shows when everyone is enjoying a unique world class dinner.

To start off, Chef Ortiz allows you to indulge with a roasted poblano chile cream flavored with basil oil served with crispy garlic bread, and panela cheese, he then refreshes you and sets the tone for the main course with a hearts of palm salad and roasted colored peppers served on a bed of lettuce leaves garnished with a strawberry vinaigrette made out of fresh strawberries from central Mexico and a touch of balsamic thyme.

For the main course, the Festiv Catering team surprises everyone with an artistically designed dish, the sinchrony of the waiters deploys a line of well presented main courses featuring chicken breast stuffed with fresh pumpkin flowers, Oaxaca cheese and prosciutto, served on a bed of vegetables from the garden to the campirana sauteed with butter and oregano in campiran fashion, laying besides parmesan snow potato and decorated with a fried bannana strip and rosemary.

To crown the amazing culinary experience Chef Ortiz sends his team to serve their guests with a mango and passion fruit mousse served in an almond tulip basket (custom crafted/ baked) covered in a sauce of fresh raspberries and mint leaves.

It’s an understatement to say that guests were absolutely pleased with the menu and that they congratulated the chef and the team for such a creative job.

After dinner, the dance floor was heating up and ready to entretain all of the guests with the best grooves, a little bit of samba and latin rythms that led up to the latest club huts of the moment, and all the time guests were well attended and taken care of.

As the evening passed and everyone enjoyed themselves, the time came for guests to get back to their hotels and rest.

Overall it was a high class quality event, the service, the coordination and logistics, menu, music and ambientation, the set up, the venue, everything worked out perfectly.

The team that Festiv Catering puts together under the direction of Arnoldo Moran and Alejandro Ortiz offers a final product that sets istelf apart from any other catering and event services available in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

Festiv Catering equals professionalism, creativity, responsibility and above all a concious company. They buy from local producers to help them develop and give back into their communities, they enhance the value of the traditional mexican and mayan elements of the area blending them with sophisticated new culinary tendencies, they provide the best service and attitude before, during and after the event. They prove their expertise in their field and adapt to your specific needs.

That’s why this company has quickly earned the esteem of its clients and guests, to whon they have proven again and again, why it is they are the top company to hire.

by: Kristina Guerrero

for more on Festiv Catering visit: www.festivcatering.com or find them on Facebook

More pictures of Festiv Catering’s exclusive venue:



Themed Weddings

Fom spring, outdoors, fall, summer, winter, beach, classic, green, offbeat, to Harry Potter, Rock n Roll or Star Wars, choosing a theme for your wedding can be a good idea to set a guideline on the planning and make a unique event unlike any other.

Themed weddings are becoming more popular as brides and grooms seek out new ways to make their weddings stand apart.

Style it and have fun with it!

Here is a list of popular and not so popular wedding themes:

Classic Wedding

Classic Beach Setting in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This is the traditional style which is also very nice and elegant, in classic weddings you will find bouquets and decorations with a lot of white and gold, although it may all be centered around a color scheme.

Seats, invitations, music, wedding cake is all picture perfect. This type of wedding can be indoor and outdoor, normally live music with strings will be seen during the ceremony with classical pieces and the traditional bridal march to announce her big entrance.

Classic wedding at a beach destination: If you are holding a wedding at the beach we reccomend you do it in a hotel, you will find everything you need in one place, the wonderful setting, accomodation for the couple, wedding party and guests, excellent treatment and complimentary gifts for the couple like champagne, as well as entertaintment for the whole family.

Also, you will have a wedding coordinator that will help you in every step of the way as well as the quality service  and food the hotel can provide.

Modern Wedding

With modern style weddings you have more room to reflect your own style, you can play with colors and textures, make more bold choices and build an atmosphere that can be very trendy and stylish.

One of the examples for this is a black and white wedding, in a very fashionable and non traditional way it makes a great setting for a theme associated with french royalty mixed with the edge of the 21st century.

Here is some of what you can see in a black and white wedding, matching accesories and gowns, details in black even in bride’s gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses, also pictures can get to be more creative and you can get a different media coverage, a cinematic wedding video and a magazine press coverage.

Harry Potter Wedding

Turning your favorite movie into your wedding theme can be a delight for you and your guests and a very original idea too, there have been a couple of weddings inspired by Harry Potter that look really nice.

Make sure to take the details into consideration, thisi is what will give the theme and touch to your wedding without you having to necesarily do it in a Castle or carry a wand instead of a bouquet.

You can apply the same principal to any other movie or theme that inspires you, look at color combinations and schemes, cake decorations, souvenirs and fashion.

Vanessa and Michael a wedding that blends New York and Puerto Rico with mexican spice

The Cover of the wedding video, courtesy of  Oscar Video, Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, Mexico, 2012

Standing outside a door, you cannot know what you will find inside.

You look into the hallway and glance at the hotel that surrounds you hoping to catch a sparkle of the turqouise ocean in your eyes. You turn your head back again, you lean forward, you knock on the door.

As it opens, you feel a rush of light and warmth come trhough and pull you in, you are not sure of what it is but you can certainly feel that the room is full of energy, art and love.

As you are getting over that feeling, the door slowly slams behind you and then… you see her:

As you glance at the woman inside, you can’t help but realize she’s one of the most glamourous girls you’ve seen.

The Bride, taking care of the last details in the mirror while waiting for the moment she’s been longing for. Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico, 2012

Her name is Vanessa and her wedding was a unique blend of languages, flavors, laughters, movement, hugs and kisses, tears and relationships. It was outstanding from the location, the music, the colors, the details, the atmosphere and of course the guests!

Vanessa is the kind of girl that lights up the room wherever she goes and her family combined with her husband’s family  are total fun, but most importantly they are loving, caring and amazing people.

Before the Ceremony

The bridesmaids’ shoes in the middle of the room waiting for their big moment, Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico, 2012

As a bride everybody is there to take care of you, yet Vanessa was there to take care of her own, she shared a moment in her room with her mother in law; Vanessa gave her a flower to wear on her wrist and it had a small picture of a family member -her mother in law’s family- that meant a lot to her. That kind of detail just showed a different woman, a woman whose heart is true and who will make an excellent mother of her own one day, they looked at each other with mutual admiration and love trying to contain the tears to save the integrity of their make up.

A hanger that lingers on top of the bride’s bed that spells “Mrs. Rojas”, while she is being photographed, and filmed. Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico, 2012

Outside, guests started to gather around and take their seats while keeping the groom company as he stood in the altar.

A wedding guest making her way towards her seat before the ceremony begins, Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo. Mexico, 2012

The sound of “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars marked the entrance of the bride, and the beginning of a new life for her and Michael.


Vanessa making her entrance, excited and emotional in the arm of her father, Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico, 2012

In her family, they communicate without the need of words, you could read their smiles, hugs, and stares. The way her father looked into her eyes, spoke of pride and the bitterwseet joy of being the father of such a beautiful girl.

The Couple and the maids of honor during the ceremony, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012
Bridesmaids looking at each other unable to contain their tears, Playa del Carmen, Mx. 2012
A guest reading the letter Vanessa’s sister wrote and that would be read later in the evening, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

Once the ceremony was over, Mr. and Mrs. Rojas danced through the aisle to their first moments as a married couple. After an exchange of hugs and congratulations, Vanessa and Michael, as husband and wife enjoyed the music, the beat, the fun and the joy that surrounded them. With a mexican trio as a dressing for the mexican gourmet appetizers, the wedding started off as a total delight.

The Trio playing mexican songs, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

While everybody enjoyed the food and drink, husband and wife walked down the beach to get some alone time, here some behind the scenes footage of their photo and video session.

Vanessa’s shoes under the sun while the couple gathers with the professional videographer and photographer, Playa del Carmen, Mx. 2o12
Michael, helping her wife down towards the beach to continue the photo and video session, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012
The couple walking in the white sand beach while the sun sets down and the wind makes Vanessa’s dress float, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

During this wedding, it was Michael’s dad who became the second main photographer, he was snapping moments out of everybody and couldn’t get away from the camera.

Michael’s dad with his camera hanging on one side, looking at the couple, and one of his best men, Playa del Carmen, Mx. 2012

Michael and Vanessa really reflected the spirit of both their families, they were very in love and comitted to each other and very in love with life as well!

A still from the wedding video while Vanessa plays with the location, courtesy of Oscar Video, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012
Aileen one of the beautiful bridesmaids of Vanessa, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

After a great photo session, the coupled entered a beautifully decorated room to enjoy their reception, where purple tones prevailed on the tables, the souvenirs and the cake. Their chromatic choices were purple and white, purple is the deepest color of the sclae, it’s a very meaninful color because it represents spirituality, the ability to go deep within.

Small Tequila Bottles tagged with Vanessa and Michael’s wedding, made the perfect gift for their guests to remember, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012

With an amazing buffet dinner, they enjoyed the company of family and friends, the great music and dancing which ranged from salsa and bachata to ballads and club music.

This was a very enjoyable wedding, it combined the color and the flavor of being latin with the glamour and style you can only find in New York.

The couple about to kiss while the sun sets down, Playa del Carmen, Mx, 2012
Vanessa and Michaels’s wedding left an impression in everyone around them, the union of their lifes brought together their families and will bring further joy in the years to come.

by: Kristina Guerrero

Pictures: Kristina Guerrero and stills courtesy of Oscar Video